Backup & Restore

As you store more and more data in Daily Tracker, you may be concerned about losing it. You may lose your iPhone, it may break or rarely you may need to reset it to factory settings.

You can backup your data to Google Drive and restore it at any time in the future. It’s fast and easy. On the main screen, tap the Settings button (bottom right corner), go to Desktop Data Transfer page, sign-in to Google Drive and Backup your data. You can also configure Daily Tracker to backup data automatically every 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. Once set, you’ll never need to remember to do backups yourself.

If you don’t have Gmail or Google Drive account, you can sign-up using your existing email address at It takes less than a minute, it’s free and your data is secure.

Alternatively, you can backup your data to iCloud or your desktop computer with iTunes Backup. For more information, please refer to Apple Support page.

You may find Google Drive backup more convenient because you can have multiple backup files and thus you can restore Daily Tracker to an arbitrary point in the past. In addition, when you restore data from iCloud, you need to restore the entire phone. It is not possible to restore data for a single application. If you enable Google Drive backup, then you will be able to restore just Daily Tracker.