Lumen Trails comes in 8 colors. They differ in the sample categories to get you started. The core functionality is the same. Each version is a fully functional, multi-purpose tracker that you can customize to track anything. Download your favorite from the Apple App Store.

We often get asked why we’ve introduced so many color options. There are two reasons for it.

One is that it makes it easier for us to find users who are looking for a solution to a specific problem (e.g. time tracking or food journaling), and then let them discover on their own that Lumen Trails solves that particular problem, and more.

The other reason, not surprisingly, is that people do like to choose the color of the icon. Our iPhones have become our most personal devices. If you are going to use our app every day for years to come, you want to make sure you love the icon that comes with it.

We have worked very hard with the team at Duarte to make sure our icon is simple and elegant, and won’t get old with repeated usage. We hope that you love it, and that you’ll find a place for it on your home screen.