Lumen Trails GreenThe iPhone comes in several fun colors and so does Lumen Trails. Pick the one that you like the most.

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Lumen Trails RedWhether you want to track your vices or virtues, Lumen Trails will be your essential companion anywhere you go.

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How Reliable Is It?

Let's put it in perspective.

If you are like an average Lumen Trails user, and use our app 4-5 times a day, every day, for an entire year, there's better than 95% chance that you will never see the app crash. Not even once.

Data loss is also unheard of, unless of course, you lose your iPhone or iPad and realize you forgot to turn on iCloud backup. Mobile software simply doesn't get better than this. It took us 5 years to get here. You can count on using Lumen Trails for years to come without problems.

Lumen Trails in 8 Colors

What's the Difference?

The 8 versions of Lumen Trails differ in the sample categories to get you started. They all share the same core functionality and allow you to create as many categories as you wish.

Some people like to separate the things they track and end up using two different versions. For example, you can lock one of them with a password, and keep the other one unlocked for quick access. Or, you can use one of them for work only. But don't take it as a sales pitch. Start with just one and explore.

Stay in Touch

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iCloud Sync

You can keep multiple devices running Lumen Trails in-sync via iCloud. iCloud Sync can be enabled the first time Lumen Trails is launched, or anytime after in Settings > Advanced Options. For additional help, visit our iCloud Support page.

Please Note: If you've upgraded to iOS 8 and iCloud Drive already, you will need to update *all* your devices to iOS 8 in order to keep them in sync. Apple made some major changes in how iCloud works, and this is the only way to move forward.